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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to be a church which exalts the savior, equips the saints and evangelizes the sinners.


We are a 21st Century church striving to advance the kingdom of our savior throughout our community, our city, our state and throughout the world.

Our Services

At Second Baptist we have a number of services designed to meet the need of our growing congregation. You can join us in person on Sundays at 10:45 am for morning worship or any service below.

Welcome to Second Baptist Church of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Our hearts and fellowship stand open to you. We firmly believe that God adds to the church as he sees fit. In your search for a church home, look no further.  Our doors are open.

Our Open Door

  • Wednesday Evening Prayer, 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday Evening Bible Study, 7pm
  • Thursdays, 5 pm on CTN                    (local cable residents only)
  • Bortz Outreach - 1st Saturdays, 2 pm 
  • Whitehall Outreach - 2nd Saturdays, 2pm
  • Sunday School, 9am - 10:15 am

As we progress through this year, we realize that as the body of Christ moves forward in growth, those of us who are at the core of this ministry must commit ourselves to prayer. In that spirit, we've been led to umbrella everything we do at Second Baptist under the yearly theme of "The Year of Committed Prayer".

We, therefore, beseech you, our brothers and sisters in Christ across the world to commit yourselves with us in prayer. We believe that if we, God's people, humble ourselves and pray, great things are in store for this people and the people of God throughout the world. 


Prior to 1860 slaves in Ypsilanti, Michigan worship with First Baptist Church. In 1860, eleven slaves organized themselves as the Second Baptist Church of Ypsilanti. This church has grown as the anchor in this community and from it has spun many other churches.  We have seen growth in the community and growth in the lives of the people of our congregation.  It is our desire to welcome one, welcome all, to Second Baptist.  See more on our About page.

Upcoming Events

Second Baptist Church of Ypsilanti, Michigan

153 Years of Committment

The Year of Committed Prayer

- Ministers of Second

The Church Which Exalts The Savior - Equips The Saints & Evangelizes The Sinners. in Ypsilanti

15 December 2014

Annual Church Mtg, Part A held at 6 PM

21 December 2014

Annual Mass Choir

Christmas Musical

31 December 2014

Watch Night Celebration here with St. John Baptist Church - 10 PM.

23-25 December 2014

Office closed because, 


Enjoy your holy days.